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My paintings are examinations (artifacts, even) of time itself within the creative process as well as in the phenomenological moment of encounter by the viewer.  Through color, form, and composition, my work questions pervasive binary realities, and asks us to consider the spaces of entropy and creation as a continuum to be experienced within a singular visual space. Though thoroughly abstract, each of my paintings tells stories that resonate deep within our being; back to the oldest of stories told around campfires and in cultural rituals of social transition.  Sacred space and place are central to these stories and rituals, and my work continuously explores the sacred as liminal and transformative and challenges post-colonial notions of the sacred spaces existing on linear timelines and as apart from the natural.  Indeed the mystery lives in the in-between. 

In my studio practice I utilize oversized Japanese calligraphy brushes to convey energy and movement.  As a direct extension of my meditation practice, the large gestures are both present moments as well as unfolding experiences.  

While the viewer in many ways completes the work, the experience of living with my paintings fosters an ongoing discovery, an ever-evolving visual environment, and (I hope) a conduit to a space of deeper understanding of the human condition.  

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