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I have been working on a callaboration the last few weeks, which opened my color palette. I started thinking of an idea for a painting, and a story came along with it. This doesn't happen often, but I let the story come to me, and the painting followed and the painting led the way, and I give the story to two very special people and I give the painting to the world.

"Once there was an orchard and in the orchard lived two birds. The birds sang to wake the sun, and sang again before the shadows painted the orchard floor. For fourteen summers the birds filled the air with song, and the song floated in the wind to the village beyond the orchard wall, and the people heard it and forgot all the other music they had ever heard."

"One afternoon, a shadow dragon slipped over the wall and waited for the sun to sleep and turned the sky to shadow, and came to the birds in the darkness. The dragon told the birds they could not sing, that their songs brought only sorrow to all who heard them, and that the world would be better in silence and darkness. The birds, without the warmth of the sun, believed the dragon and fell into a deep sadness. They locked themselves in cages, and hid their songs from the world."

"Without their song, the sun forgot to rise and the world was dark and cold. The orchard saw the mischief of the dragon, and was angry that the birds believed his lies. So the orchard drew from deep within itself and erupted in bloom, with flowers so bright and splendid that they sun remembered to shine, and light washed the shadows away and the shadow dragon fled from the orchard in fear, circling the earth forever so as not to be caught."

"The birds saw the bright orchard and felt the warm sun behind the bars of their cages, and remembered that they had imprisoned themselves and threw open the doors of their cages and sang a song of joy that is the joy of awakening and forgetting, and their wings became strong; stronger than ever before."

"The birds took flight for the first time, and saw the orchard from above as they had never seen it; resplendent in powerful beauty, and they filled the air with sweet song that echoed across the land. The orchard grew its branches and roots into the wall, and the wall crumbled to dust, and the birds flew free and all the world heard their song and the sun followed the song and the world was bathed in light, and the day was born in every corner of the earth, and morning came to chase to the dragon forever."

"The people, seeing the orchard for the first time, cared for it and its beauty gave them happiness, and the birds flew free."

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