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Fall Newsletter and Collector Sale


Like many of you, I hope that 2021 brings back travel into my life.  A year without it has been one of the more difficult aspects of this strange time.  I've developed many professional relationships on the west coast, and am in the early stages of collaborating with an artist in Hawaii.  At the dawn of the pandemic I moved into a new studio, a midcentury church in a quiet neighborhood that I share with 11 other artists.  We named the collective Oye', which translates to  "Hey, listen" in Spanish.  

Amidst, and at times despite the quarantine we have managed to gain local press, continue making our art, and become a community.  Here are some highlights:

Town Magazine:

At Home Magazine:

2020 has been bittersweet on the career front. I've had two solo exhibitions, but the latter (in a college gallery) became closed to the public early in the run.  I'm including a link to the virtual walkthrough because I think it looks amazing. Art writer Ann Landi wrote beautifully, "Rico has always been involved in a quest for the spiritual in abstract painting, and his latest works are a dramatic amalgam of Eastern colors and patterns with AbEx gestural spontaneity." We decided to host a virtual opening, and that each of us would offer a limited edition body of work.  I have 6 small paintings included.  The sale is by invitation only, and details will be provided once you sign up for our studio newsletter here: The sale starts promptly at 10:30 AM EST on October 10th.  Price includes shipping and work can be purchased online. I'm including a preview of the works offered in my next post.

I am also gearing up for Greenville's Open Studios, an annual, citywide event that like most of reality looks "a little different" this year.  I will be doing appointment only visits, and all the Oye' artists will be present on November 14 & 15 for docent style walkthroughs of 2 to 3 people at a time.  Expect a booking app on this site soon. Appointment slots will be strictly observed, no walk-ins.  Want a virtual tour of the studio?  Go here:

Thanks for reading, and I wish us all a safe and swift pathway out of this.

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