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Return of the blog; or not

Years ago I wrote a blog about the ins and outs of getting started in the art world. I met some cool people then, some of whom I've since met in person and a few I've become friends with to this day. I enjoyed the format, the freeform writing style, adding images (mostly my own, not always of art), and having another medium in which to express myself.

Alas, the whole blog thing fell away to what we know now as social media. I spent more time on Instagram, more time traveling, less time documenting my travels, and finally achieved a little career success. I never wanted to be an "influencer" and I seriously question whether that is truly even a thing anymore, but I've missed writing.

So here we are, 2020; a global pandemic that is likely to surge again, an insane presidential election here in the United States, riots, protests, white supremacists, way too many guns in the hands of very ignorant, very paranoid white people. A lot of people are stuck at home and many of us are going nuts trying to add homeschool teacher to our growing resumes and still trying to find "spare time." It feels like a moment for the quietness of writing.

Maybe I'm writing into the void again, and that's okay. If you read this, my only request is this; be kind. I don't care about your political, religious or social persuasions as long as you care about art and want to read an artist's reflections and once and while engage in some conversation about it. That would be nice. I have my own beliefs and sometimes I may rant, but I will keep it on topic. Part of me remembers that I always said if I had any success as artist, I would share everything I learned and give it away. So if you're someone embarking on this journey, welcome. It's not for the faint at heart, but this is a supportive environment. (Unless you and/or your art is pure shite, in which case it may not be). I'm joking. I'm serious.

The title, "Machinations of a Distracted Mind" was the one I used all those years ago. It's a playful mashup of a movie title. Seek it out. Sam Rockwell stared in it. But it's also kind of personal. I deal with depression and though I've learned to mitigate the collateral damage that often affects one's relationships, occasionally I still cut a swath through my own happiness and relationships like the avenging hoards. I am an imperfect being seeking beauty and meaning. Art found me in that journey. It became a Way, and it turned me from the paths of violence and destruction. Full disclosure: my art was shite for a long time, but then eventually it wasn't.

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