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Exterior photograph of Oye' Studios in downtown Greenville, South Carolina.


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"Instant Crush" by Christopher Rico


June 2023

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"Well you needn't" by Christopher Rico, 2022


April 7, 2022

My fellow studio mates and I are opening our doors to the public on Saturday, April 16th from 11 AM to 3 PM.  This is one of only two major events we offer each year and do not participate in Greenville's First Fridays art crawl.  If you want to see behind the curtain, this is a rare opportunity to do so.

Each of us are presenting new work, and I truly excited to offer a first look at my new direction.  It truly feels like the culmination of everything I've been exploring since 2019; synthesized into a single expression.  I'm incorporating light as a medium for the first time since my copper days back in the late 1990s.  The work in the studio feels fresh, alive, and authentic, and I cannot wait to share it.  

On the Road


January 5, 2022

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Monumental virtual exhibition flier


December 1, 2021

I'm pleased to announce my inclusion in the online group show, "Monumental", curated by Sergio Gomez.  I will provide a live link once the show opens.

I love the concept; artists were asked to submit small works that will then be manipulated digitally to appear grand in scale.  Playing with scale and proportion is something that is very important to me.

Woman in large open art gallery looking at an enormous black and white painting by Christopher Rico.


November 18, 2021

This time of year feels like an unravelling; the falling leaves offering a hint of death that gives way to the renewal of spring.  In important ways this has always been a quiet period for me in the studio.  I continue to go, of course, but the work I tend do around this time of year inevitably is more for me than anyone else.  

Lately I've been wanting to go big.  Not just big, monumental.  Epic.  Heroic.  The current studio space makes that difficult to say the least.  But I can conceptualize; I can dream. 

Whatever the holidays mean to you, and no matter how you experience them, give yourself permission to take care of yourself.  We've all earned a bit respite.

"Lotan" by Christopher Rico, a work from a series of mid-sized works on yupo paper in black ink.

New series of black and white abstract paintings on paper.

Press Release:

Christopher Rico returns to black and white painting after a few years of exploring color. What is different in this series from previous explorations is its murkiness and looseness, mired in something cosmic, metaphysical, and philosophical.

For this body of work Rico uses oversized calligraphy brushes on Yupo paper. He laid out long sheets on the floor and masked off dimensions for what would become separate sheets. Many of the eventual works were painted together as one in order to preserve single and repetitive strokes that materialized as part of his daily meditations. This physical meditation resulted in artifacts of gesture allowing subconscious imagery to emerge freely as though they were born from the depths--where a physical entity’s relationship to gravity and environment is different than for lifeforms on the surface.

The theme of creation and destruction being inversions rather than opposites has long fascinated and influenced Rico's artistic practice. He marries the formal with the emotive in ways that manifest as dramatic, beautiful, haunting, and visceral. Materials are evident; the process feels hidden, even elusive. This sense of mystery supports the internal mythologies that develop within the work; dragons, leviathans, deep fields of space that reference the divine and the sacred, emerging like shadows flickering on the cavern wall. A single stroke across a canvas or a page translates as a living thing, full of energy and life force yet completely non-representational.

Rico states, "I am naturally an introspective person, but the isolation of last year caused me to go much deeper. We are all seeking some way to understand the past year. Like many, I feel that I am coming up for air after a long time submerged. This is fertile ground for myth and stories; for the mysterious, the awe-inspiring, the provocative, and even the confrontational. I am always pursuing the means to communicate these themes visually."

Christopher Rico in his Greenville, South Carolina studio, seated in front of a large-scale painting


January 2021

I sit down with folks from Shoutout ATL for a chat about art.  (photo credit Will Crooks, 2020)

Feature page in At Home magazine, summer 2020 issue


July 2020

"Ritual Work"

Inspired by calligraphy, Christopher Rico offers a conversation on canvas

Christopher Rico's paintings feel like an invitation to a more in-depth conversation about what it means to be human. The deep blacks painted in great swoops and arc with a Chinese calligraphy brush float in luminescent washes, lending an aesthetic that feels both new yet rooted. 

read article here



March 7, 2024

Group exhibition at Lichtundfire, in New York City.  Show runs through March 31.  Two curator walk throughs and a panel discussion at the end of the run.

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